I turned myself inside out
You don’t even know
I put on the warpaint and calm the winds of your trauma closing in
Where do you end and where do you begin?
I laid my broken heart in your hands

I spend my time wandering in the fog
trying to shake the thought
Oh everyone’s out to get you
Tread so hard to push me away
I’m reading into every word you say
I’m lost in your eyes
Come lay your broken hands between my thighs

Shiny sunday symmetries
They’re cracking my composure
Oh these wild roots wound around my knees make me fall over
Look around
Snow, rain without a sound
Are you falling out of love?
Give all my affection and nothing stays
Oh if I could I’d help you wake up back in the womb

Come take me out and let me hold your fear as you do mine
But it feels like all the time I am misreading the clouds, oooh

Come take me out and bring me anywhere but here and now
I’ve grown so used to everything going wrong
Don’t let me down
I know that I’m flawed for I find home in every broken one I pass