Make the Seasons Change


You need to get your story straight
All of your magic no longer works on me
You have no power over me

You’re the king of wicked deeds
Oh such a sweet sweet trap between the sheets
You’re consuming all my sympathy and this is the mess of your making
You've made your bed
Now lie in it

Don’t try me now
I’m so out of sorts
I am wearing thin
So self-hating that I’d let myself fall for someone who treats me like this

Your black eyes
They are an open soul for me to read
I can see you suffer and succeed
I’m another stranger to mislead

I can’t forgive his ignorance
Oh this will be my lesson to learn
He was the worst liar of all time
Thought he’d make the seasons change

Sleep deprivation has got me developing compulsions
Call it a change of nature
I think I’ll lose my mind

Oh what you do is not opening up
It’s just unloading shit
Like drowning people grab their rescuer all terrified
You’re pulling me down with you
Into the deep