I went home and straight into oblivion
Closed the door and couldn’t move from the floor
Two weeks later I was found
I had become one with the ground

You enter the room to check on me and dust me off
Sort me out, spin me around
But there’s nothing you can say to make it right and make me sit up straight
So you try to mold me into an another shape

But please don’t make me
Please don’t make me

In the dead of night I look my best
Shower and dissolve
There's no more space in my head
I want to disappear and I will

Dream is reality is dreamreality
Now I can’t tell if I’m awake or dreaming
Let me help you understand the contradiction that I am
And spare me your wisdom
I quit trying to fit the system

So please don’t make me
Please don’t make me

I am the smoke you’re breathing in and out
You’re unaware the fire’s just lit and not burnin’ out

In solitude and isolation be mine, my salvation
Let solitude and isolation be my salvation

If it wasn’t for the moon, the earth would fall out of orbit
And out of all the shocks I've stumbled on you're the hardest one to absorb
It all goes up in flames once you leave

I need to feel free but don’t let me
Please don’t let me